Why we applaud Allan Pease

Allan Pease and me! :) I even got to talk to him!

Meeting Allan Pease is like having a shot of laugh and energy into your system! It makes you feel perky, upbeat, and you can conquer the world!

I read Allan’s first book – “Body Language” – more than 10 years ago, when I was still in high-school. Now, in 2012, we think of body language as a legitimate concept, but in 1999 in Bulgaria it was REVOLUTIONARY. Up until then, we hadn’t really given much thought to body language, nor to the differences in the male/female way of thinking.

Also, back then I never thought I’d get to meet someone of Allan’s caliber. So how did it all happen?

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Strategies for getting rich: savings vs. skills

We all want to be rich. But few of us are ready to work at it.

You know how some people say “I don’t want to be rich?” Haha! Does that mean that if they won the lottary, they would just give the money away because they “don’t want to be rich?” Of course not.

What these people mean is they DO want to be rich (or at least won’t mind being rich), but they don’t want it bad enough to put in the effort. And they don’t want to  put in the effort because they think it’s TOO MUCH effort.

It’s not. No it’s not. Many people think that being rich is suuuuper hard, but that’s just because they are working at it the wrong way: by working. Try this instead:

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Want to be rich? Think money!

From my office window, I see a yellow apartment building in consturction.

A poor person would think, “I could never own one of those apartments…”

A middle-class person would think, “How much would it cost me to buy an apartment?”

A rich person would think, “How much money would this building bring?”

I work and meet with a lot of people. Until recently, I was only interested in the way rich people think, so I could learn from them and copy the things they are doing right. If I talked to a poor person, I deliberately tried NOT to listen when they talked about money because they were so negative.

Rivers of gold: Use your money to get rich

All my life I’d never had money at the end of the month, so I never really had to worry about what to do with them. Whenever I did have some money left, there was either a loan to pay, or something to save for (hosting for the site), or something I needed to buy (a replacement laptop after I hit the last one against the floor in a moment of fury).

But recently, I’ve been doing better.

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