Business success = failure + quitting

Michael Jordan shooting
Michael Jordan shooting

It’s the finals at a World Championship and everything depends on this one shot you’re about to make. TV camearas are broadcasting your success – or failure – to billions of people. The fans are roaring, your coach is holding his breath, and you know your father’s watching. Your heart is pumping crazy, your hair’s wet with sweat. You have a split second to decide what to do – shoot or pass? Shoot or pass? SHOOT OR PASS?

In a flash you remember the quote, “You miss 100% of the shots you never take.” You shoot.

You miss.


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Love without money or money without love?

Love without money?
Love without money? Src: from the movie Breakfast at Tiffany

They say money can buy you a dog, but only love can make it wag its tale.

Wow. We must be pretty hooked on the idea that money can’t buy love – we’re bringing dogs into it!

That idea looks great on the big screen, too: love stands higher than the material world. Tons of Hollywood scripts revolve around the cliché of a rich guy chasing after a girl who doesn’t love him and is, instead, in love with a poor guy. The rich guy is either boring or doesn’t truly love her, while the poor guy can give her everything she needs – except money. Girl runs off with poor guy to live happily ever after, THE END, roll credits.

Only we never really know if they do live happily ever after. The movie usually ends at, or soon after, runaway point.

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Changing jobs during recession?

Black man on suitcase
Recession is hard. Credit: Kurt Bank, src:

My career has been going downhill.

I got my first “real” job in 2007. For six months, I worked as an HR assistant for a big company in Sofia. Then I had several months off work before I came back to work for the same company as a Recruiter for the sales department; got a nice raise, too.

A year and a half later I was still a Recruiter and there was no indication I’d get promoted.

So I went to work for a reputable recruitment agency as a Junior consultant. My basic pay was lower but I had bonuses for bringing new clients and also for successful employee placement. With bonuses, I earned slightly more than my last job.

I lasted six months and then I quit to start my own business – my own recruitment agency.

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Get rich by saving money? 5 mistakes to avoid

Are you saving like a moron? Because if you are, you are never getting rich. Here are the top 5 mistakes that might stand in your way of getting rich by saving.

Saving mistake #1 (read carefully)

Getting rich by saving
Getting rich by saving

If you had ten buckets to fill with water, using only a cup, how would you do it? Fill the cup, then pour a little in each bucket from 1 to 10? Or pour the whole cup in bucket #1 again and again till it’s full, and then move on to #2?

(Well duh. Of course you’d work on a single bucket.)

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10 tips: Improve your chance of getting rich

Dream bubble
Dream bubble. Src: Google images

One winter night in Sofia, all dorms were dark except for one: ours.

Sitting in bed in our pajamas, my roomies and I were talking about how we’ll decorate our houses some day. Imagination knows no limits: we talked about pools and gardens and romantic dark bedrooms.

We chirped well into the little hours, and then my roommate said: “You know guys, no one ever sees themselves being poor in the future. Everyone imagines they are rich, or at least much better from now. But it doesn’t always turn that way.”

I could hear our three dream bubbles go pop, pop, pop.

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Social skills and money


House MD
Dr. House

So I’ve been hooked on HOUSE lately (“it’s not Lupus!”, tee-hee-hee!). Love the show!

Now, anyone who’s watched at least one episode would know that Dr. House, while a brilliant doctor, is not much of a people-person. In Season 2, a patient comments:

Patient: “House must be a great doctor.”

Dr. Foreman: “Why would you assume that?”

Patient: “When you’re that big a jerk, you’re either great or unemployed.”


Social skills (people skills) are what you use for interacting with other people. They help you distinguish between when to speak and when to keep silent, what to say and how to say it; they also help you “read” the other person by picking up on hidden signals beyond the verbal.

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Kill a Darling

Decapitated man with head in hand
Picture: Google, Decapitated man with head in hand

“Кill your darlings, kill your darlings, even when it breaks your egocentric little [..] heart, kill your darlings.”

This advice is well-known among writers (Stephen King, “On writing”), and it means to cut out all “extra” words from your text. To writers, each word is our own flesh and blood, a darling, and killing one hurts like hell. Oh yes it does.

The same applies to business. A start-up is made of ideas, the entrepreneurs’ own flesh and blood, their darlings. AND these “darlings” are supposed to make money.

But what if they don’t?

Killing a business-idea or prematurely ending a business-project – just because it’s not turning enough profit – is a tough-tough job. Yes, business is about money, but come on – your business is your baby! You’ve given it birth, nurtured it, held its infant hand while it took its first steps in the big scary world.

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Как мислят богатите успешни бизнесмени (а вие не)

“Пропускаш 100% от ударите, които не направиш” – казва един английски цитат, приписван на хокеиста Уейн Гретски (Wayne Gretzky).

Звучи страхотно… по време на тренировка. Защото на тренировка най-лошото, което може да стане, е да не уцелиш.

В реалната игра обаче е различно. Там залозите са много по-големи и  необмислените удари могат да доведат до загуба.

Майкъл Джордан стреля
Майкъл Джордан стреля
И все пак “в реалната игра” има хора, които си позовляват да рискуват загуба. Като баскетболната легенда Майкъл Джордан:

Пропуснал съм над 9000 изстрела в моята кариера. Изгубил съм близо 300 игри. 26 пъти са ми поверявали решаващия изстрел за играта и съм пропускал. Провалял съм се отново и отново и отново в живота си.

И затова успявам.

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