Here’s why it’s important that you’re good with money

The bell rang as I pushed the door of the local convenience store. There was a big mirror placed below the ceiling, tilted so that the cashier could keep an eye on the visitors in the store – in case somebody got the hots for shoplifting. My eyes would always accidentally lock on the mirror, and this time I saw a 40-year old man with a darling little girl standing at the register.

I kept checking the mirror – couldn’t help it – as I was browsing the snacks. The man and his daughter couldn’t see me (unless they looked up in the mirror) because there was a shelf between us, but I could hear their every word.

“Will that be all?”, said the cashier. The man had placed a 300 ml bottle of vodka in front of the register.
“Daddy, can I have this?” – she was holding a mini-chocolate, the kind they make half the size of a regular chocolate bar.
“No baby, I don’t have that much money with me.”

The dad was drunkish.

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1 principle – how to get rich even with no money

Have you ever sat in the kitchen, elbows on the table, palms on your cheeks, thinking about what’s your chance of getting rich? And if your definition or “rich” is living in luxury while never having to work again, what’s the chance of you achieving that through honest, hard work?

I wasn’t born rich. And being born rich is the most common reason for being rich.

And YOU weren’t born rich, either, otherwise you wouldn’t be reading a piece titled “how to get rich even with no money”. So you must be worried – are your dreams of being rich ever coming true? And even if you do stand a slight chance of making yourself rich, that must involve some pretty hard work… after all, we’re talking about you making millions. Is that even possible?

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Turn a hobby into a business while working a full-time job ?

Look at that. Isn’t that beautiful?

That graduation souvenir was hand-made by a woman called Danny – mother of two with a full-time job.

But her full-time job is NOT making these beautiful cards. No – making the cards is what I’d call her “paying hobby”. It’s what she does after she puts in 40 hours a week.

And just how “paying” is her “paying hobby” exactly? You guessed it – not that much. First off, if Danny was making enough money with her hobby, she’d have turned it into a business. She would have quit her job running without turning back. (You can support Danny by visiting )

Danny works for a really big company that employs thousands of people. I don’t know what her job is, exactly, but I’m guessing that her job is STABLE. And I’m guessing that Danny hasn’t really thought about actually quitting her job someday. (After all, she has two kids, remember?)

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Why are some people rich ?

Mostly, because they were BORN rich.

(Although anyone can improve their chances of getting rich.)

Think about the rich people you know… Did ALL of them achieve their fortune by themselves? No. But even if they did it all by themselves, their CHILDREN will be rich without lifting a finger. So, simple mathematics say that at least 50% of all rich people were simply born rich. (Thus the expression “born with a golden spoon in their mouth”).

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