Hate your job? Here’s how to cut the cord

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Building a Foundation for Life Without a Job

I know many readers are interested in alternative ways of supporting themselves that don’t require becoming corporate slaves. I’ve gone about 20 years without a job now, so let me share some observations and insights to help you succeed on this path.

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When’s the right time to have a baby

Teen mom. Img: fanpop.com
Teen mom. Img: fanpop.com
Did you know that Romeo and Juliette were just 12 when they wanted to get married? Back then, no one found it disturbingly odd.

History shows that the age for having your first child is consistently going up. My mom had me when she was 25, and many women of her generation (born 1959) had their first kid at age 20-22.

Huffington post offers an interesting article on when’s the best time to have a baby. Biologically, that would be late teens to early twenties: your body is stronger, and so are your hormones. You have more energy to run after your two-year old, and those sleepless nights when the youngster explores their vocal abilities take less of a toll on you. (Also, you should have your last baby before 35. You can still have kids after 35, but it’s pretty hard on your body.)

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Britney Spears interviews: hosts say “You know you’re lucky, right?”

Britney Spears 2002 interview at the Oprah show
Britney Spears 2002 interview at the Oprah show

I’m a Britney Spears fan ever since high-school and “…Baby One More Time”. After I graduated and became a working girl, I’d often watch her interviews to relax after work.

Britney would talk to Jay Leno or Oprah or some other famous host, and pretty much every interview she’s done – from 1999 to 2013 – would have something of this fashion:

Host: “You’ve achieved quite a lot for someone so young!”

Britney: “Thank you, you’re very kind.”

Host: “People tend to only see the glamorous side of your life – private jets and TV appearances and fancy clothes, – but is that all there is to it?”

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How to get a good job in the recession: start any job, then keep looking

(continued from Job hunting during recession)

Halfway through my 10 days, I got a phone call through a recruitment agency for another position. After a brief phone-interview, the consultant said she would arrange for me to interview with the company. Their main business was tyres, and I was going to interview for the Supply department.

The tyres company had a better-looking office, but a worse location – on the outskirts of town. “I’m fine with location as long as there’s no overtime,” I thought. The more I had considered different scenarios for my job, the more I had come to realize that my #1 priority was REGULAR HOURS. I wanted a job where everything – breaks, vacation days, sick leave and so on – was NORMAL. By the law. No illegal stuff like unpaid overtime or money under the table. I wanted to know that come 5:30, I can go home to my man. I wanted to know that when we have a baby, I’d be able to go on maternity leave with full benefits. Was that too much to ask? (Apparently – yes.)

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Job-hunting during recession

(continued from Here’s why freelance didn’t work for me: my struggle to find a job in the recession)

Jumping through hoops to  get a job... ANY job... Img src: dryastoast.com
Jumping through hoops to get a job… ANY job… Img src: dryastoast.com

In my experience, freelancing was a dud. Maybe it works if you have tons of patience to browse all the ads, if you have time to cover the requirements for application (free work!) and if you are ready to do the job for a humble pay. I thought that wages would be higher and I thought that if I work for foreign clients, the pay rate would make me a fortune by Bulgarian standards.

So pay was low, and the projects weren’t really inspiring – being a virtual assistant and working around the US clock, writing homework for а spoiled brat, or producing spammy content for some shady website wasn’t exactly the kind of freelance I wanted. How’s that even *freelance*? That’s just mundane work. I decided that my time would be better spent if I worked on something more… tangible.

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Here’s why freelance didn’t work for me: my struggle to find a job in the recession

Img src:  investmentpostcards.com
Img src: investmentpostcards.com

Two months ago, I left my home town and moved to my fiancee’s town. It was March 4th, 2013.

I had a job waiting for me and that made me feel good. At least the job transition was going to be smooth.

But as I shared with you here: Unemployed and depressed? You are not alone , things at my new job were so out of whack that I only stayed for two weeks.

As rewarding it was to march in that office and announce that I quit, soon after that fear started creeping in. I didn’t have another job secured. I could rely only on my savings (and perhaps on unemployment checks), and I had no idea whether I’ll survive until I get a job.

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