My money problems (and wins): the story

MONEY: it gets shit doneWhen I paid back my debts in March 2011, I thought I’ve seen the last of money struggles.

Those debts came from a 2500€ business loan and one small personal overdraft I had for 250€ (2009). I was planning on paying back the big loan from the revenue the business would generate; however, the business started slow and we couldn’t wait out long enough for it to pick up. There was some cash-flow (more like a trickle) but it wasn’t even enough to cover the monthly expences, let alone pay back the initial investment.

A debt of alsmost 3000€ was crippling to a 24-year old who made 350€ a month; and when you factor in living costs, I could only afford 150€ towards the loan. At that rate, it would take me about 18 months to pay it all back – provided that I didn’t buy shoes or clothes in that time, provided that my rent didn’t go up in that time, and provided that no emergencies happened in that time.

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10 tips: How to manage money as a couple

Are you about to get married? Or preparing to move in together with your loved one? Or are you about to merge you finances? Or just started dating? Here’s 10 tips on how to manage money as a couple.

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1) First changes come as soon as you start dating

Okay, so while dating, you’re not quite a “couple” yet, but even so – this will be very different from managing money as a single, non-dating person.

I was single for 3 years before I met my soon-to-be husband. In those three years, I constantly worked on my money skills, and greatly improved my finances in the process. I obsessed about optimizing my budget and saving as much as possible. And I got really good at it.

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Why the rich are rich and the fat are fat

I was a fat kid once.

The class I hated the most was PE. I always finished last, I was horrible at sports, and I was usually sore after that. Later on, I took tennis lessons, and what I remember most clearly about them is the cookies with milk I had right after I came home.

I loved reading, and I especially loved reading the new Mickey Mouse comic with something to eat. Take my old comic books, turn a random page and you’ll often find dried out chocolate spots or little greasy spots with the color of rust (those came from my favorite snack, bread soaked with oil, salt and red pepper).

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