Money or family?

Mom came for a visit today! Yaaaay! We took a long walk, sat down for coffee and talked… A LOT.

Me with some of the dancers at a Christmas party
Me with some of the dancers at a Christmas party
Mom and dad started a dance school back in 1994. I’ve been a dancer since day 1, starting when I was only ten years old. Mom and dad worked together until 2010 when dad passed away. That’s when I left the big city and came back home to live with mom.

I started helping out at the dance school. At first I only taught dance class two nights a week, but then quickly moved up to five nights a week, then more. I also had a full-time job. I left for work at eight in the morning, got off work at five-thirty, and turned the music on at the dance hall at six. We’d finish at seven and I’d be home by seven-thirty – unless of course I was doing two groups that night. And if there was a dance contest or other event coming soon, I got even busier.

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Life is unfair – but you can still win. Change your luck!

Fortuna - the Roman goddess of Fortune. She's blindfolded.
Fortuna – the Roman goddess of Fortune. She’s blindfolded.

Imagine this: you’re patiently waiting in line, and waiting, and waiting, and just when it is finally your turn, someone jumps the line and takes the last item right under your nose.

Imagine that: there’s an opening for a promotion at work. You’re the most experienced person for the job, you’ve always done your best, and you’ve helped bail the team out more than once. When HR does the annual appraisals, you always get great reviews. The boss even gives you a pat on the back and hints that you’ll be up for promotion the first chance they get. So now that there IS a vacancy, you have all the reason to believe it’s gonna be you.

But at the next staff meeting, they announce that the promotion goes to… Jane. Jane who is always late, who has less experience than you, and can’t even do Excel.

Well sh*t.

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Money and positive thinking: here’s what you have to do

yodaMy husband says there were two books that changed his life: “The Secret” and Mind Power Into the 21st Century: Techniques to Harness the Astounding Powers of Thought. Both books are about positive thinking. They teach the importance of thinking good thoughts, and also claim that you can have anything you want.


When people read “The Secret” and get to “you can have anything you want,” many people think “WHAT?! Anyone can have anything they want?! Bullshit!”

This kind of answer is the wrong one, folks,

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My New Year’s resolutions: no resolutions, no budget

Happy new year, everyone! :) Hope you had a great time saying buh-bye to 2013 and welcoming 2014. 2013 was a great year for our family and I was kind of sad to see it go. But hey, 2014’s gonna bring us our baby, so YEAH! ROCK ON! :)

And now, on with the first post for 2014. Enjoy!

New-Years-ResolutionsI stopped keeping a budget.

Budgets are for newbies. When you are just starting to use a budget, it helps you see more clearly. You write down things you may otherwise forget. All of this helps you when you feel overwhelmed. Budgets are good for people who are just getting to know their personal finances.

But over time, you get used to the routine activities of managing your money: pay bills first, keep spending down, pump up your savings account. Watch out for those irregular expenses like taxes in April, gift money for Christmas, and paying the car insurance. Yaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwn. Trust me, once you’ve done this for a couple of months, you’ll be able to do it in your sleep.

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