1 principle – how to get rich even with no money

Have you ever sat in the kitchen, elbows on the table, palms on your cheeks, thinking about what’s your chance of getting rich? And if your definition or “rich” is living in luxury while never having to work again, what’s the chance of you achieving that through honest, hard work?

I wasn’t born rich. And being born rich is the most common reason for being rich.

And YOU weren’t born rich, either, otherwise you wouldn’t be reading a piece titled “how to get rich even with no money”. So you must be worried – are your dreams of being rich ever coming true? And even if you do stand a slight chance of making yourself rich, that must involve some pretty hard work… after all, we’re talking about you making millions. Is that even possible?

I’ve asked these questions a lot myself. Sometimes, right after reading some inspiring quote on money or the inspiring story of those rare self-made millionairs, I’d say – hell yeah! I can do it too!

But soon after the euphoria wears off, doubts start creeping in. You take an honest look at your life, your job, your house, and reality hits you hard. You are just another dreamer and you need to get a grip – I mean, what’s that nonsense of you getting rich? You live in an average house, drive a second-hand car, you don’t have designer clothes, you don’t have your own TV show, and you don’t have a big business. Maybe you don’t have ANY business.

Tisk-tisk-tisk. And you DARE even dream about getting rich? You should feel stupid, and embarrassed, and march back to work tomorrow and be grateful that you have your boring little job. You’re a worker bee and you’ll die a worker bee. GOT IT?

Okay, relax, I’m kidding :)

(or not)

Anyway, there’s something really important that you need to understand: STOP WORRYING ABOUT HOW YOU’LL MAKE MILLIONS. JUST AIM FOR BEING BETTER THAN YESTERDAY.

Ramit Sethi wrote in his blog about a woman who wanted to get fit. Her goal was to run 3 times a week but she couldn’t find in herself the willpower to do it. He said to her, “Why don’t you start by running 1 time a week?” The woman said, “But what’s the point in that?!”

This sounds like when people say, “It’s not worth it to work for just XXXX/month… I’d rather waste my time at home than sell it for so little money.” Or “It’s not worth it to start a business if it makes less than what I get from my job.”

So the point is this: your aim should not be to make millions. Your aim should be that every day, you make more than yesterday.

You can’t control everything in your life. You didn’t get to choose your parents, or their financial abilities; you didn’t get to choose the times you were born into, nor the place – and these are all big factors in the equation calculating your chances of getting rich. Factors which YOU CANNOT CONTROL.

(You can change some of the factors you were born with – move to another town, etc. – but you can’t make these changes until after you are 18, or 20, or 25, or maybe not until 40. That means that changing the circumstances you were born into takes at least 20 years. Good luck beating that!)

What you CAN control, though, is your own actions. Whether you use your free time surfing through entertanment channels on TV, or reading Trump’s biography – that’s a choice that’s totally up to you. Whether you spend your money on “dead” stuff like clothes and gadgets or build rivers of gold – that’s a choice, too.

I’m not saying that you shouldn’t dream big – you should. But don’t let your big dreams overwhelm you! If you ever catch yourself thinking, “I can’t make MILLIONS – that’s just too much money! That’s not rational” – then stop right there. Instead, say something like “I CAN make millions. I don’t know how just yet, but while I’m figuring this out, I’ll focus on getting better than yesterday.”

Take me for example. Was I born rich? No. Am I rich now? Not yet. Am I better off than three years ago, one year ago, one month ago? BIG FAT YES!

I am making more money. I have more savings. I am investing. And just three years ago, I had none of that. Ten years ago, I hadn’t even heard of personal finance and money management.

So, even if you don’t have any money, you can get rich. (Well richER, for sure.) Just do whatever you can so that your today is better than your yesterday.

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