I have a new job… in the recession!

It’s been two weeks since my last post about Allan Pease, so you’ve been wondering about what’s going on. Nope, I’m not dead – still kickin’ :)

I didn’t write because I didn’t want to be like this:

blogging joke
lolz :)


I’ve been on a new job for about 2 months now. It’s a middle-sized company in a pretty specific market and what I do is, I organize deliveries.

When I first applied for the position, I thought the job would be boring as hell. I thought it would be the same routine day in and day out. And I applied anyway.

Why apply for a job you think would be boring? Money, of course.

Young people often think that enjoying your job is more important that enjoying your salary. But when you get older (like me), being able to take care of yourself becomes more important than enjoying you job. (By the way I’m 27.) If you have started your family, and especially if you have kids, you can’t let your personal happiness (jobwise) stand in the way of your common financial welfare.

So I thought the job would be boring but it turned out that…


The job is also very demanding, but in a good way – in a way that makes me feel that what I do has meaning and helps my colleagues. (They are awesome! Except when they send me emails with empty subject-lines. When that happens I feel an urge to do something evil. But otherwise they are awesome!)

Of course, there was a very steep learning curve at the beginning. The industry is very specific and comes with a special terminology. At first it felt a lot like learning a new language. And that language has “words” like 64/19, coating, jumbos and stuff like that. (I bet if you’re an outsider listening to our conversation, we’ll seem like top secret nuclear scientists :)

(And what do you know, we might just be. 64/19. Yeah.)


As some of you know, I also give dance lessons in the evenings. Winter time is always the busiest season for dance lessons, so there’s that.

I leave for work at 8:00 and usually come home at 20:00, so POOF – there go 12 hours of my day! I look like someone’s punched me in the eye because I have dark circles from not enough sleep. I don’t have much time to shower. Or eat.  Come to think of it, I’ll probably never be fat. Or reach forty.


And I was also extremely lucky to meet a wonderful, great, perfect man… :) I’d love to tell you more about him but I don’t want to jinx it, and also you know I’ve always tried not to give too much details about my personal life and the people in it. Sorry guys :)

What I meant to say is, I’d rather spend time with him than sit in front of the keyboard writing a new post. Syncing schedules is tough, and that’s why I’ve been slacking a little with the new posts.


If I have to be honest with you, I was quite stressed at first – changing jobs during recession, thinking about love and money (or love without money), being constantly strapped for time and not having enough time to blog…

I sat myself down one evening and turned the TV on. I think it was “Storage wars” on History, but I’m not sure because I wasn’t really watching. I was staring blankly at the TV thinking about what to do.

I said to myself: so far, I’ve been blogging about money and also about getting rich. But I am not actually rich yet. Getting rich (or at least richER) basically conflicts with my blogging – I can either dedicate my time to blogging about money OR dedicate my time to actually making money.

Also, as much as the blog meant to me, having a personal life and time to sleep and shower were more important. (I’m still working on the sleep time, *yawn*)

I realized I can’t have it all. My job is exciting but exhausting. The dance lessons are exciting but exhausting. Dating someone is also exciting but exhausting. It’s hard enough trying to balance those three things, and when you chip in blogging time it becomes nearly impossible.

Strange as it is, but realizing this gave me peace. You can’t fit 25 hours in a 24-hour day, so there’s no point struggling with it.

A while ago my blog was pretty much the most important thing in my life. Well, my life has changed now, and for the better. So while I will still work on the blog, very much enjoying the process, I had to accept that I probably won’t be able to give it as much time as I’d like to. (Making my peace with that was a tough process, believe me.)

So, it’s out, and now you know why I skipped a post date. Sorry :) But don’t worry, I have a couple of drafts I’ve been meaning to get to, and I hope I’ll get to them during Christmas break.

I think you’ll like them, too ;)

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10 thoughts on “I have a new job… in the recession!”

  1. Rya, I am very happy for you. Of course I miss you and too many other readers feel the same way. I understand that from the negative comments they make all the time about your blog being in English. I was wondering why your posts have such effect on people. And I think I have the answer – you are so emotional and outspoken! I wish you luck in everything you do! I hope you won`t stop writing from time to time!

    Hey, you`re not old. I am 31 :)

  2. Кирил и Методий ако чуят, че две българки си говорят на енгилицки по между си – ще се обърнат в гроба!!!
    Also I want to add – We are not in recession, my dear!!!

  3. You have my best wishes as well :) Two months ago I started a course after work and now I really understand what do people mean by “have no time at all”.
    I am pretty sure that you will feel the urge to write soon enough :)

  4. И ти ли, Бруте… :))

    We’re not? So I should have no problem asking for a raise every three months and finding a new job if I don’t get one?

  5. @Tedy – you’re 31 but you’re a mom and wife. Way ahead of me :) I admire you for that. (And not just that, also for your blog, for your kindness, and for your ability to say a lot in just a few words. Much unlike me :)

  6. Rya, thank you for your nice words. Nobody else told me that I could say a lot in just a few words. In fact I married at 29 and became a mother at the age of 30 and this is very individual.

    Dangerous, the blog is now in english and the idea is to attract english speaking people in the comments. If we write in bulgarian how could this possibly happen?!

  7. @Tedy – yes, this is very individual and there’s no firm time-frame for it. However I think that being married and especially being a parent introduces you to a whole new way of thinking.

    I have single friends over 30 and I have friends in their early twenties who already have kids. Despite the 30-year olds being more experienced (as a whole), I have to say the young ones who are parents already are way more mature and responsible.

    It makes a big difference :)

  8. Rya, I think you are right that people that have become parents are more mature as a whole. But you are responsible enough with so many projects you are up to. Don`t hurry up it will come.

  9. @Atanas – I think you and I will understand the full meaning of “no time at all” when we have kids :)

  10. Regulars at Get Rich Slowly know that I pine for a Mini Cooper. I visit the Mini website to design my own model about once per month. (On Wednesday, I made the mistake of actually dropping by a showroom to sit in the new Minis.) Because I want this so badly, I’ve found new ways to DIG UP the money. It’s a terrible longing, but it’s also a good thing. It gives PURPOSE to my saving.

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