Newlyweds with baby on the way: our money and finance

painting a wallAt the end of May 2013, we found out I was pregnant (unplanned). At the end of July – just two months later – we got married.

Here’s what our financial situation looks like.

We live in a 1-bedroom apartment rent-free.

When I first moved to my husband’s town, we lived with his parents in a 3-bedroom + kitchen apartment. It was okay, for now, but we wanted to be on our own eventually. We had made our peace with the fact that this was probably not going to happen soon. I had a vague plan idea that we could live with them for about 6 months, and re-evaluate our options then. Maybe we could rent a place or buy one with a mortgage?

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When’s the right time to have a baby

Teen mom. Img:
Teen mom. Img:
Did you know that Romeo and Juliette were just 12 when they wanted to get married? Back then, no one found it disturbingly odd.

History shows that the age for having your first child is consistently going up. My mom had me when she was 25, and many women of her generation (born 1959) had their first kid at age 20-22.

Huffington post offers an interesting article on when’s the best time to have a baby. Biologically, that would be late teens to early twenties: your body is stronger, and so are your hormones. You have more energy to run after your two-year old, and those sleepless nights when the youngster explores their vocal abilities take less of a toll on you. (Also, you should have your last baby before 35. You can still have kids after 35, but it’s pretty hard on your body.)

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