How to ask for cash for wedding gift

We got married!
We got married!

Dear all,

I have some great news: we got married! I’m telling all about it in my next post, but for now, here’s a sneak-peak tip on how to let your guests know you prefer money as a wedding gift.

I see nothing wrong with saying you prefer cash for a wedding gift. Everyone wants cash, but not everyone feels comfortable saying it.

So here are some tips on how to ask for cash for wedding gift:
— DO NOT print it on the invitation. No matter how cleverly or playfully you word it, it’s tacky to give invitations with strings attached. Also, when you look at your wedding invitations 15 years from now, do you really want to see a request for cash printed there?
–If you decide not to print invitations (we didn’t), you’ll invite people personally or over the phone; that’s you verbal invitation. Verbal and printed invitations follow the same rule: DO NOT mention gifts. Unless of course the guest asks you what gifts you prefer.

Do not speak of gifts at the time of invitation.

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Get rich by saving money? 5 mistakes to avoid

Are you saving like a moron? Because if you are, you are never getting rich. Here are the top 5 mistakes that might stand in your way of getting rich by saving.

Saving mistake #1 (read carefully)

Getting rich by saving
Getting rich by saving

If you had ten buckets to fill with water, using only a cup, how would you do it? Fill the cup, then pour a little in each bucket from 1 to 10? Or pour the whole cup in bucket #1 again and again till it’s full, and then move on to #2?

(Well duh. Of course you’d work on a single bucket.)

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