I wanted to change my husband

This post is not mine; it’s by Pam Satran, originally published in Parenting magazine. I just loved it! Enjoy.
Book cover. NOT the book mentioned here.
Book cover. NOT the book mentioned here.

I wanted to change my husband. Not in any huge way. He doesn’t have any horrible habits – blowing his paycheck on the ponies, sleeping with my relatives – that I needed to break him of. I wasn’t out to make him taller, or smarter, or sexier.

No, it was tweaking he needed, improvement of the usual marital kind.

What if, for instance, I could get him to do more around the house? Get him to adore doing dishes, relish handling the taxes? What if I could make him a masseur? A touch more patient and a tad more thoughtful – a little more prompt and a bit more cuddly?

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Changing jobs during recession?

Black man on suitcase
Recession is hard. Credit: Kurt Bank, src: foundsf.org

My career has been going downhill.

I got my first “real” job in 2007. For six months, I worked as an HR assistant for a big company in Sofia. Then I had several months off work before I came back to work for the same company as a Recruiter for the sales department; got a nice raise, too.

A year and a half later I was still a Recruiter and there was no indication I’d get promoted.

So I went to work for a reputable recruitment agency as a Junior consultant. My basic pay was lower but I had bonuses for bringing new clients and also for successful employee placement. With bonuses, I earned slightly more than my last job.

I lasted six months and then I quit to start my own business – my own recruitment agency.

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