Here’s why it’s important that you’re good with money

The bell rang as I pushed the door of the local convenience store. There was a big mirror placed below the ceiling, tilted so that the cashier could keep an eye on the visitors in the store – in case somebody got the hots for shoplifting. My eyes would always accidentally lock on the mirror, and this time I saw a 40-year old man with a darling little girl standing at the register.

I kept checking the mirror – couldn’t help it – as I was browsing the snacks. The man and his daughter couldn’t see me (unless they looked up in the mirror) because there was a shelf between us, but I could hear their every word.

“Will that be all?”, said the cashier. The man had placed a 300 ml bottle of vodka in front of the register.
“Daddy, can I have this?” – she was holding a mini-chocolate, the kind they make half the size of a regular chocolate bar.
“No baby, I don’t have that much money with me.”

The dad was drunkish.

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