5 tips: How to get my husband to stop spending so much money

Okay, it bugs me. It bugs me when I try to save us money and next thing I see, my husband’s wasting money on stuff we don’t need. I “make-do” or “do without” and all he does is un-do it. Honey, I love you, but we have to do something about that spending.

Take yesterday for example. We were about to go for a walk before dinner, and I thought it was a good idea to have snack so I wouldn’t starve. And I wouldn’t spend money on outside-food. And there were those delicious pancakes his grandma had sent over.

“You should snack on something too,” I told my big man. He was getting dressed already.
“No, I’m not hungry, let’s go before it gets dark.”
“Still – [munch, munch] – here, take one. You’ll get ‘ungry.”
“No baby I told you I’m not hungry, now are you ready yet? Hurry up!”

We were out of the building in two minutes, thanks to my multitasking abilities (munching pancakes and getting dressed). About two more minutes later, he says:

“Hey, little owl*, let’s get some peanuts from the store.”
“Now? We’re on a walk!”

Money or family?

Mom came for a visit today! Yaaaay! We took a long walk, sat down for coffee and talked… A LOT.

Me with some of the dancers at a Christmas party
Me with some of the dancers at a Christmas party
Mom and dad started a dance school back in 1994. I’ve been a dancer since day 1, starting when I was only ten years old. Mom and dad worked together until 2010 when dad passed away. That’s when I left the big city and came back home to live with mom.

I started helping out at the dance school. At first I only taught dance class two nights a week, but then quickly moved up to five nights a week, then more. I also had a full-time job. I left for work at eight in the morning, got off work at five-thirty, and turned the music on at the dance hall at six. We’d finish at seven and I’d be home by seven-thirty – unless of course I was doing two groups that night. And if there was a dance contest or other event coming soon, I got even busier.

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Are we rich or poor?

Image: MikeAndMollysHouse.com
Image: MikeAndMollysHouse.com
I’ve been thinking a lot about the ways we spend our money lately. And I came to wonder how we look to other people.

If you look at me in my casual, slightly worn-out clothes on my way to the grocery, and you notice the wind playing with the cloth bag in my hand, you’d think I don’t look very classy. You’d see old trainers on my feet, and maybe you’d catch a glimpse of my shopping list as I put it in my pocket – a shopping list that’s written on the back of a calendar sheet reading “GUST”. (When I tear off calendar sheets, I cut them into really small pieceds and then staple the little ones together to later use for notes… or shopping lists.) Judging by what you saw when I walked past you, you’d think I look like someone who counts the pennies in their hand. (Which I do.)

Let’s say you follow me to the store and watch me shop. You’d see me regularly check my shopping list and only take the items which go there. Those would be things like meat, fruit, white cheese, bread – and usually no potato chips, instant meals or pre-cooked food. In other words, I only buy meal ingredients, stuff that’s used for cooking and no junk or lazy food. Seeing that, you’d again think I look like someone who is… well… poor.

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