How to get a good job in the recession: start any job, then keep looking

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Halfway through my 10 days, I got a phone call through a recruitment agency for another position. After a brief phone-interview, the consultant said she would arrange for me to interview with the company. Their main business was tyres, and I was going to interview for the Supply department.

The tyres company had a better-looking office, but a worse location – on the outskirts of town. “I’m fine with location as long as there’s no overtime,” I thought. The more I had considered different scenarios for my job, the more I had come to realize that my #1 priority was REGULAR HOURS. I wanted a job where everything – breaks, vacation days, sick leave and so on – was NORMAL. By the law. No illegal stuff like unpaid overtime or money under the table. I wanted to know that come 5:30, I can go home to my man. I wanted to know that when we have a baby, I’d be able to go on maternity leave with full benefits. Was that too much to ask? (Apparently – yes.)

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Job-hunting during recession

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Jumping through hoops to  get a job... ANY job... Img src:
Jumping through hoops to get a job… ANY job… Img src:

In my experience, freelancing was a dud. Maybe it works if you have tons of patience to browse all the ads, if you have time to cover the requirements for application (free work!) and if you are ready to do the job for a humble pay. I thought that wages would be higher and I thought that if I work for foreign clients, the pay rate would make me a fortune by Bulgarian standards.

So pay was low, and the projects weren’t really inspiring – being a virtual assistant and working around the US clock, writing homework for а spoiled brat, or producing spammy content for some shady website wasn’t exactly the kind of freelance I wanted. How’s that even *freelance*? That’s just mundane work. I decided that my time would be better spent if I worked on something more… tangible.

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