Rags to riches real story: The most inspiring and true to life story

This post originally appeared on GetRichSlowly.org as a guest post by Mary Newcome, under the title “Free At Last.” I found it so inspiring and true to life that I just HAD to share it with you guys.

Hell, I might just frame it and put it on the wall.

Image source: sodahead.com
Image source: sodahead.com
I remember what it was like to live in my first apartment at age 17. […]

At first I was in heaven; freedom at last from my moody, mostly distant father and his girlfriend 24 years his junior. Let’s just say a college fund was never in my future, much less financial support. If I was going to get there, anywhere, I had to get there myself.

It was not long before this new-found freedom wore off, replaced by loneliness, boredom, and the financial stress of barely getting by. […]

I did not own a car when I lived in my apartment. I had wrecked it earlier by rear-ending someone stopped in front of me (we did not even have text back then – doy). Although the car was paid for, the financial burden of that one stung since I had emptied out my savings account to buy it. I also now had to walk to and from work, five miles both ways (yes, in the snow and rain). At the time, I did not see how much money I was saving by not having the car. I just knew that was a heck of a long walk. I had no cable TV, no phone, and certainly no internet or computer.

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