Life is unfair – but you can still win. Change your luck!

Fortuna - the Roman goddess of Fortune. She's blindfolded.
Fortuna – the Roman goddess of Fortune. She’s blindfolded.

Imagine this: you’re patiently waiting in line, and waiting, and waiting, and just when it is finally your turn, someone jumps the line and takes the last item right under your nose.

Imagine that: there’s an opening for a promotion at work. You’re the most experienced person for the job, you’ve always done your best, and you’ve helped bail the team out more than once. When HR does the annual appraisals, you always get great reviews. The boss even gives you a pat on the back and hints that you’ll be up for promotion the first chance they get. So now that there IS a vacancy, you have all the reason to believe it’s gonna be you.

But at the next staff meeting, they announce that the promotion goes to… Jane. Jane who is always late, who has less experience than you, and can’t even do Excel.

Well sh*t.

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Changing jobs during recession?

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Recession is hard. Credit: Kurt Bank, src:

My career has been going downhill.

I got my first “real” job in 2007. For six months, I worked as an HR assistant for a big company in Sofia. Then I had several months off work before I came back to work for the same company as a Recruiter for the sales department; got a nice raise, too.

A year and a half later I was still a Recruiter and there was no indication I’d get promoted.

So I went to work for a reputable recruitment agency as a Junior consultant. My basic pay was lower but I had bonuses for bringing new clients and also for successful employee placement. With bonuses, I earned slightly more than my last job.

I lasted six months and then I quit to start my own business – my own recruitment agency.

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