5 tips: How to get my husband to stop spending so much money

Okay, it bugs me. It bugs me when I try to save us money and next thing I see, my husband’s wasting money on stuff we don’t need. I “make-do” or “do without” and all he does is un-do it. Honey, I love you, but we have to do something about that spending.

Take yesterday for example. We were about to go for a walk before dinner, and I thought it was a good idea to have snack so I wouldn’t starve. And I wouldn’t spend money on outside-food. And there were those delicious pancakes his grandma had sent over.

“You should snack on something too,” I told my big man. He was getting dressed already.
“No, I’m not hungry, let’s go before it gets dark.”
“Still – [munch, munch] – here, take one. You’ll get ‘ungry.”
“No baby I told you I’m not hungry, now are you ready yet? Hurry up!”

We were out of the building in two minutes, thanks to my multitasking abilities (munching pancakes and getting dressed). About two more minutes later, he says:

“Hey, little owl*, let’s get some peanuts from the store.”
“Now? We’re on a walk!”

Talk to Your Fiancé About Money Before You Get to the Altar

This is a guest post by Ryan Harrison. Ryan is a New York native and single dad working on his MBA.

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Many years ago, when a newly married Chris Rock appeared on “The Oprah Winfrey Show,” she asked him: “What’s the most romantic thing you’ve ever done for your wife?” His answer: “I paid off her credit cards.” Not every guy has Rock’s generosity (or money) to pay down his girlfriend’s or fiancée’s’ debts, but we all know someone who’s done it. The reason we do it is simple: We don’t want to marry debt. Changes in behavior and attitude toward money must go hand in hand with paying off bills.

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My husband’s spending is NOT out of control… but my mouth is?

A female reader, Petya, left me a comment on My husband spends too much money… or is it just me? The reader comment also had a link to her blog, and I was curious to check it out. Her most recent post was titled The art of spending (in two different points of view) , and it was about my post about my husband’s spending. Here’s what jumped at me the first time I read it:

I came upon an interesting article about spending… want to share with you some of what shocked me… I realized that my spending habits are not that bad after all. Not that I was afraid they are, but it’s different when you see that you are far away from any obsessed-to-insanity money-saving addiction. I’m afraid this is not a healthy way of life… there are plenty of things that keep bugging me ever since I read those lines…

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I wanted to change my husband

This post is not mine; it’s by Pam Satran, originally published in Parenting magazine. I just loved it! Enjoy.
Book cover. NOT the book mentioned here.
Book cover. NOT the book mentioned here.

I wanted to change my husband. Not in any huge way. He doesn’t have any horrible habits – blowing his paycheck on the ponies, sleeping with my relatives – that I needed to break him of. I wasn’t out to make him taller, or smarter, or sexier.

No, it was tweaking he needed, improvement of the usual marital kind.

What if, for instance, I could get him to do more around the house? Get him to adore doing dishes, relish handling the taxes? What if I could make him a masseur? A touch more patient and a tad more thoughtful – a little more prompt and a bit more cuddly?

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Relationship advice: money problems and issues

eyes moneyImagine that: even rich couples have money issues. Every couple does. You and your partner will be no exception – especially if you two are still fresh and still discovering each other – because couples just have issues. No way around it.

Lack of money is not the only reason for couples fighting about money. If it were so, then poor couples would account for most of the financial disagreements while wearlthy couples would live happily ever after. But as you can see, the social and financial status of a couple cannot be used as an indicator of how happy the partners are.

So if rich couples fight about money as much as poor couples, then… what do we do?

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