Should I quit my job and start a business? (No)

dark early morningYou shouldn’t “should” anything.

After I googled “should I start a business,” it felt like the whole internet was trying to persuade me that indeed I should; that whatever job I had couldn’t possibly be better than running my own business, and that if I wasn’t working on a start-up already then obviously I had to “stop making excuses.”

My husband and I like the idea of having our own business one day. But currently, starting a business right now is not a good idea. We don’t have the money, and with a baby girl coming in Jan 2014, we’ll have a lot on our plate. We just recently got married (planned a wedding in three months which definitely soaked up all our energy during that time) and we’re still finishing up our apartment remodel. Don’t anyone dare tell me that we “should” be working on a startup or that if we’re not, we’re “making excuses.”

And what about you?

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Turn a hobby into a business while working a full-time job ?

Look at that. Isn’t that beautiful?

That graduation souvenir was hand-made by a woman called Danny – mother of two with a full-time job.

But her full-time job is NOT making these beautiful cards. No – making the cards is what I’d call her “paying hobby”. It’s what she does after she puts in 40 hours a week.

And just how “paying” is her “paying hobby” exactly? You guessed it – not that much. First off, if Danny was making enough money with her hobby, she’d have turned it into a business. She would have quit her job running without turning back. (You can support Danny by visiting )

Danny works for a really big company that employs thousands of people. I don’t know what her job is, exactly, but I’m guessing that her job is STABLE. And I’m guessing that Danny hasn’t really thought about actually quitting her job someday. (After all, she has two kids, remember?)

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