My short thoughts on business and passion

Okay, remember I’m a big House fan? I am. To the point where it might get a little… creepy.

I’ve watched so many episodes that I actually notice weird little details. Somewhere along Season 5, I had paused my GOM player to get some grapes to snack on. As I came back to the frozen frame, I had a lightbulb moment.

“Hey, look at all the stuff in that frame! There’s a cane, a desk, a computer, and Cameron’s making a regular unisex scrub look sexy!,” I thought while shamelessly stuffing my mouth with grapes. “Somebody made all that stuff. There’s a business behind each of those items!”

It might seem obvious to you, but I had never thought about this before – that behind every little item we use in our everyday lives, there’s a business owner that makes money off things we barely notice. Like scrunchies. Or shoe polish. Or pensils. Or funky scrub hats. For God’s sake, there’s a guy who makes thousands by producing those little twisties they use on the bread wrap! Yeah!

And you thought running a business was about following your passion. Ha!

Twisties for bread wrap, people. Twisties.

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2 thoughts on “My short thoughts on business and passion”

  1. A friend of mine owns a bookshop, and few days ago she told me that she had invested 10 000 levs in pens!!! Only for the pens, she paid 10 000 levs!!!
    And in a bookshop there is usualy much more than the pens. What about notebooks and so on?

  2. 10 000 in pens?! Do people still buy those? I can’t remember the last time I PAID for a pen – I get so many for free.

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